Notorious Peace Starts With Me Invades USA, Nepal, S. A., Zimbabwe



The notorious “Peace Starts With Me” Events are invading now in November and December 2018 4 countries to bring fresh cash in the chest of the Moon Syndicate.

The late Reverend Moon owned 2 weapon factories and sold weapons worldwide.


The propaganda for the event is orchestrated by Nancy Jubb, media director of  the infamous PSWM and Tom McDevitt, chairman of the board of the deficit loaded and failing Washington Times.


An Insider reports:

Who is ‘Genuine Mother’ Hak Ja Han Moon?

▲ Hak Ja Han

by Warren Throckmorton christians-work-with-unification-church-to-convey just sired girl of-god-to-america/

Generally, Unification philosophy makes up for what Sun Myung Moon viewed as the disappointment of Adam and Eve, and after that Jesus, to achieve God’s central goal on earth. Moon (True Father) and his significant other, Hak Ja Han, (True Mother) are the satisfaction of that arrangement and will effectively expedite paradise earth (known as Cheon Il Guk). The Family Federation for World Peace/Unification Church would like to bring together all religions around Moon’s Divine Principle and set up world harmony. As indicated by them, Christians are misinformed about Jesus.

In a March 2018 discourse, the equivalent Hak Ja Moon will’s identity lifted up in Nassau said that obscenity against her will not discover salvation.

“The Messiah; all of humankind longs for the Messiah and the coming of the Messiah ought to at any rate occur at the national level. Lamentably, 2,000 years back, despite the fact that Heaven attempted to set up the general population of Israel, they bombed in their duty and Jesus couldn’t remain on a national level and develop as the True Parent. Subsequently, [Jesus] forecasted that he would return once more. In this way, concerning Heaven’s provision, when taking a gander at the multi year history of Christianity, what could really compare to the Second Advent of the Messiah, is the appearance of the Only Begotten Daughter who originates from Heaven’s heredity without any relations to Satan, similarly as Jesus completed 2,000 years prior. Except if the Only Begotten Daughter is conceived, the returning Messiah can’t progress to the situation of True Parent.

In the good news of Matthew, it is composed that individuals can be pardoned for defaming the Messiah. Be that as it may, whoever reviling against the Holy Spirit can’t be pardoned. Do you recollect this entry? This implies as to the historical backdrop of the fortune of rebuilding through repayment, we are in the Last Days. Whoever swearing against the Only Begotten Daughter, True Mother will discover no salvation. You should comprehend this. We are in the Last Days. Do you get it?”

In the July 2018 issue of True Peace Magazine, Hak Ja Moon (who is known as “Genuine Mother”) portrays her perspective of Jesus’ central goal.

“Was Jesus invited? Jesus Christ was not destined to be executed. He came to understand God’s fantasy and mankind’s desire for every single person to end up children or little girls of God. He came to guide and lead individuals to end up God’s kids. Where did the hypothesis that expresses that adherents can just get salvation through the torturous killing and blood of the cross, originate from? They didn’t comprehend Jesus’ actual nature. Individuals have standardized salvation through clerics and diocesans, bringing about numerous issues amid the previous two thousand years. Notwithstanding, the Protestantism did not express comprehension of Jesus’ actual nature. Protestants did not realize why Heaven’s provision prompted sending the Messiah. Jesus passed on the cross and said he would return. He would come back to have the marriage dinner of the Lamb.

Subsequent to sitting tight for two thousand years, was Christianity arranged to welcome Jesus? This is the issue. Fallen mankind can’t straightforwardly come back to God. That is the reason fallen mankind needs the Messiah. The Messiah is mankind’s True Parents who can restore, resuscitate and control humankind to wind up God’s youngsters by and by. Paradise’s fortune must achieve its decision; in this manner, the provision has progressed even with interminable pausing and various troubles. In this manner, for the satisfaction of the provision, Heaven has arranged an establishment for True Parents to be born. The focal figures are the True Parents and I am God’s solitary little girl, the True Mother.

While sitting tight for the returning Lord in his Second Coming, Christianity’s central goal was to discover and bring up God’s solitary little girl. That regardless they don’t comprehend the fortune is sensational. I can never again postpone the fortune. Six years prior, I broadcasted another time by reporting that I am God’s solitary little girl, for whom Heaven has been seeking and the returning Messiah has been pausing. (page 15)”

Passing on the cross was not the first arrangement as per Hak Ja Han. In any case, since he dieed, a Messiah is required now, and that Messiah has come as True Parents [Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han]. With True Father gone to the soul world, the mission of Christianity isn’t salvation through the cross yet to discover and bring up God’s solitary girl. God’s little girl is humankind’s True Mother who is here now to introduce God’s kingdom of harmony.

In Unification sacred text, Hak Ja Han is alluded to as God’s Only Begotten Daughter. She is additionally alluded to, alongside her significant other, as the main seek after humanity.

Prominent Christians Work With Unification Church to Bring Only Begotten Daughter of God to America

Family Federation/Unification Church Proclaims Christian Era is Over; Christian Entertainers Open for God’s Daughter

While evangelicals are offering out to legislative issues, the Unification Church is unobtrusively evangelizing the baffled. As per their pioneers, the Christian time is finished and the period of True Parents is here. As an outline to their devotees, Unification pioneers use Christian participation in Unification occasions as a flag that Christian pioneers are coming into the Unificationist overlap.

Watch Family Federation pioneer Michael Jenkins discuss Christian priests who are coming into the Unification development. christian-time is-over-one week from now christian-performers open-for-divine beings girl/

On November 12, Yolanda Adams, Hezekiah Walker, Israel Houghton, and Bishop Noel Jones opened for her Messiahship, the Only Begotten Daughter of God Hak Ja Han Moon, True Mother of all Heaven, Earth and Mankind. The occasion is called Peace Starts with Me. Curtis Farrow will assemble a choir of 5,000 clueless Christians who will draw a little nearer to another religion.

The Family Federation for a Heavenly USA (otherwise known as the Unification Church/Family Federation for World Peace and Unification) has added love craftsman Israel Houghton to the lineup of prominent Christians who helped proselytize New Yorkers for self-depicted True Mother and the main conceived little girl of God, Hak Ja Han Moon.

In the most up to date video advertisement for the November 12 Nassau Coliseum rally Peace Starts with Me, the coordinators reported the expansion of Grammy grant victor Houghton.

Houghton joined Hezekiah Walker, Yolanda Adams and Bishop Noel Jones as self-announced Christian entertainers/speakers at an occasion which Moon’s supporters expectation will help build up her as a standard religious figure. She and her supporters guarantee that Jesus bombed in his mission by being killed. In the cutting edge period, her better half was the satisfaction of the Messianic guarantees and she is the little girl of God and just through she and her significant other — True Parents — is their desire for gathering with God.

I have heard no reaction from Adams, Walker or Jones with respect to their help for this non-Christian occasion.

Warren Throckmorton


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